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  • 2 GB space per account
  • Get Additional Storage at AED 12/5GB yr
  • Email IDs like yourname@yourdomain.com
  • Sleek Webmail
  • Mobile Sync
  • Auto-responders
  • Advanced Calendar & more
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AED 40 / Year.
  • 2 GB Space / e-Mail account


AED 60 / Year.
  • 10 GB Space / e-Mail account

An Ideal Email Solution

SmarterMail is a full-featured email, group chat and team collaboration server that is the perfect alternative to Microsoft Exchange. It's designed to provide the functionality businesses need, without sacrificing secure, reliable access to business, and personal, communication.

However, SmarterMail offers a much lower price point than Exchange, has affordable hardware requirements, offers superior stability and can reduce maintenance costs. Therefore, it has a significantly lower total cost of ownership than Exchange, making it the best-in-class email and collaboration solution for SMBs and Enterprises, as well as for ISPs and hosting companies.

On the Web or In Your Hand

SmarterMail includes one of the most powerful browser-based webmail clients on the market. Compatible with all major desktop and mobile web browsers, using the webmail client eliminates the necessity of any other software, from email clients to calendar apps, freeing up disk space and eliminating the maintenance tasks that come from having more software installed on people's laptops and personal computers.

If desktop and mobile apps are needed, SmarterMail can handle those as well: From native Microsoft Outlook compatability to integration with other desktop email clients such as Apple Mail, eM Client, Windows Mail and more. In addition, SmarterMail works pefectly on mobile email clients and applications such as Apple's iOS email client, calendar and notes applications, Samsung's mail and calendaring apps, Mobile Outlook, the Gmail mobile client and more.

Total Collaboration

SmarterMail offers a number of collaboration features that make it easy to work together with team members, customers and partners. Whether using SmarterMail's webmail client or a favorite desktop or mobile client, SmarterMail can help increase the overall productivity of an organization.

The collaboration features available include:
Organizational Calendars and Conference Rooms
Shared Contacts, Calendars, Tasks and Notes
Group Chat, for internal, one-one-one text, audio and video chat
Team Workspaces for internal or external team text, audio and video chat
Much more

Industry Standard Email Security

SmarterMail comes equipped with several email security features that are available without spending more money or adding third-party software. This includes industry standard spam filtering that can protect the server from virtually all incoming and outgoing spam as well as enterprise-level antivirus for detecting trojans, viruses, malware and other malicious threats.

Of course, if addtional methods of prevention are preferred, SmarterMail easily integrates with enterprise-level solutions such as, Cyren Zero-Hour Outbreak Detection, Cyren Premium Antispam and MessageSniffer. In addition, if a system administrator has a favorite antispam or antivirus solution, SmarterMail is flexible enough to allow for additonal third-party products and services, or even security appliances, to be used i

Simple Administration

With an extremely simple set up process, getting SmarterMail installed and running takes minutes. From there, SmarterMail offers system administrators a number of administration tools to help keep things running smoothly. In addition, simple tasks can be handed off to domain administrators, freeing system administrators up for the more important task of keeping the server stable and secured.

In addition, SmarterMail is completely API-driven. That means that tasks can easily be automated -- from domain creation to on-demand changes to security settings. Integrations with management applications and control panels is also possible, further simplifying administration of the server.



Active Directory


Reporting & Email Archiving

Remote Management

Brute Force Protection

Exchange Web Services File Storage

Webmail Client, Desktop Clients & Mobile Client

Group Chat, Video Conferencing & Team Workspaces

Mailing Lists, Event Notification & Reporting Exchange ActiveSync

Keep Task, Notes & Calendaring Intrusion Detection & Protect you from Viruses, Spam Email


The prime reason for opting G suite is that it provides an email with a domain name, for example, your-name@your-company.com In other words, the company is the owner of all the email addresses, not the employees. Get access to the histories, passwords, emails sent/received by your employees.

For those who prefer using Microsoft Outlook, G Suite mails can be configured in Microsoft outlook and download the emails regularly, however, all the copies of emails are still stored on Google Server, thanks to IMAP facility of the server. Please check this article for tips to configure GSuite mail Ids in Microsoft Outlook in your local computer system.

Unless the user shares the login credentials, it is impossible to log in to others mailboxes. However, a few human mistakes allow others to predict passwords and attempt to login. This happens in any system and is not limited to Google Mail or so. Hence, the password must be stronger and not a weak password, users must not keep their passwords weak such as mail1234, password123, etc which are hack-able easily.

2 Step Verification, an optional but robust secured feature. For more security, you can enable and utilize the 2-step verification facility on your mailbox which means, any time you access your mailbox from a new network, Google system sends an OTP on your registered mobile, only by providing OTP you can access your mailbox. This avoids any possible unauthorized access by others into your inbox. This way, your mailbox is always safe and your data secured.

A subdomain is basically a child domain under the main domain name. For example, videos.wpbeginner.com is a subdomain of wpbeginner.com.

Once you register a domain, you have the permission to create subdomains for it by yourself.

Subdomains are commonly used by websites to create child-sites under the same domain name. For example, a business website can create a subdomain for their blog or their online store as store.example.com or blog.example.com .